Astronomy Unleashed

OpenSkies is an association with a brand new initiative to help and assist astronomy groups and their members get the most from their astronomy.

The idea is simple – astronomy is changing and becoming more ‘technology savvy’ and a new breed of modern astronomer is emerging. Now new ways of communicating with members and the way groups are formed and run, have created new interest in this once considered ‘specialist’ hobby.  We are all doing the same thing which is to get more people involved in astronomy and it shouldn’t matter what kind of group you are.

We know that running an astronomy organisation is not easy, be it a small ad-hoc group or large astronomical facility.  There are problems such as finance, insurance, legal and light pollution matters that constantly need attention.  But there are also exciting opportunities too such as collaborative projects and public outreach.

OpenSkies’ ambition is to become a national platform where new ideas can take shape and be launched as fully fledged projects.

So why join OpenSkies?

Collaborative Projects with other groups across the UK, a special OSA Discount Scheme for Group Telescopes, and a resource library for OSA members are just for starters.

In association with the AstroSouth Directory we will be able to reach out to thousands of astronomers across the UK and promote over 80 astronomy groups and act as the focal point for groups to keep others in touch with their progress, problems and solutions. OSA members are also eligible for an enhanced listing within the directory. OpenSkies Educational Members are also entitled free advertising space too.

Lead by example and others will follow.

OpenSkies can also act as a ‘stellar nursery’ for people who wish to start new groups and is able to offer free website hosting and forum platforms to develop their own online communities. We can offer advice and help you find new dark sky sites in your area that add value to your group, so your members can observe safely. We can provide resources for insurance, admin, membership management, promotion and proven revenue generation models to ensure your group is financially sustainable. There are now many ways to form a thriving astronomy group. All of this advice is free.

Our name says it all and OpenSkies is all of this.  No one is excluded, no politics, just pure astronomy. It is also free to join as an OSA member group, all you have to do is e-mail us. No long forms, no convoluted criteria as we know who you are. UK Astronomy is a small world looking at a big Universe.

We look forward to working with you and getting to know us.

OpenSkies Admin Team.

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One Response to Astronomy Unleashed

  1. dwoods says:

    Thank you for the amazing response so far within the first few hours of launch. 4 groups have signed up and we are in dialogue with many more. We appreciate some groups will want to discuss this with their respective committees, and this takes time. All Good.


    OpenSkies Admin Team

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