How We Work

OpenSkies is 100% pure astronomy.

We have a number of initiatives that will help you develop your group into a stronger and fitter one, packed with active members. ¬†We are not run by a committee, just an admin team to provide an epicentre for collaborations and knowledge sharing. We just provide a service. Isn’t that what running a group supposed to be about? Like any organisation we are looking for volunteers and free thinkers.

Special Rules? Constitutions? The Universe doesn’t have any other than the laws of physics. Amateur Astronomy is the same. So don’t re-write the rulebook, ask yourself if you actually need one that big. Your group is defined by what a group is under various English laws, that should be good enough for anyone.

We will be meeting quarterly across southern England, so all astronomy groups large and small can attend.

Just a few days after launch, we have had a great response and feedback so far. Astronomy groups are steadily signing up, and we have be approached by interested parties wanting to assist with new incentives in supporting astronomy organisations, from discounts on telescopes, to events and collaborative science projects and public outreach.

Looks like we’ve started something… :)

OpenSkies Admin.

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  1. dwoods says:

    We will also be adding a members area, so we can conduct surveys and polls, to get feedback and what needs to be done and how we can help. We are also looking at a chat room, so groups can meet online, regardless of distance.

    We are also looking at webinars, to support our quarterly meetings across the region.

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