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Joining OpenSkies is simple, and free.

Our criteria for a group is easy, it’s based around people and the open sky. We have an admin team but no committee giving you the thumbs up or down. You make the decisions concerning your future as a group. No stuffy constitutions, no weighty rulebook. We believe in common-sense. 

We know you do too. Let’s get together then.

Just drop us an-e-mail

You are an astronomy group if you meet 6 out of 7 criteria as set out below:

1. You can start an astronomy group or society. By the legal definition for any group, that’s three or more people who wish to be recognised as a legal entity.

2. That group or society also has to demonstrate that they physically meet regularly at a place together for the purposes for astronomy, and with a view to obtaining minimum PLI to cover their membership within 12 months of inception of the group. If it does not physically meet, then it is by definition either an association or a forum, and outside the definition and terms of reference of a physical group.

3. It also has to operate without impinging on another group or society in any way, or that may be a source of conflict. The group cannot be utilised to damage or harm another group or individual, as its motives are outside of that of an astronomy group and membership suspended/terminated under the OpenSkies Association.

4. If it is a group that is intending to become a society or charity then it has a defined model to adhere to, as set out by FAS (Federation of Astronomical Societies) as a financial and legal entity and/or under UK law for charities, as defined by the Charities Commission. Limited Companies, that operate as or have a subsidiary that acts as a ‘not-for-profit community’ group is legally defined as a group, or in the case of a society, along with a committee structure and constitution.

5. It can be run via any combination of online social networking, e-mail list, website or forum.

6. It must have a postal address and a named point of contact/person of overall legal responsibility.

7. The above definition is inclusive of any group or society that meets the above criteria. All of the above is a prerequisite for insurance, financial and legal liability reasons. The only option is item 4.

If it does not meet six out of seven of these points it cannot function or operate as an effective group.

That should be it. 7 points, not 7 pages. These points may be amended over time, by group consensus and agreement.

OpenSkies Admin.

5 Responses to Join Us

  1. Andy Lee says:

    Count Astronomy 4 everyone in!

  2. Count OAS in as well, be rather rude not to i think :-)

  3. We run observing activities and host meetings in the Cotswold area and new members are always welcome to come along. We are hosting the BAA Beginners’ meeting on October 1st 2011 and will be doing events in the new year in support of Stargazing Live. See our web site for more details.

  4. Russ Hawker says:

    South Coast Astro Group would be honored if it could be a part of Open Skies.

    We formed in Feb 2010 and started out as part of Stargazerslounge but we have now moved away from SGL and developed into a proper astronomy group meeting at least once a month in the New Forest, Hampshire. We have approx 25 core members who meet regulary.

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