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Astronomy on your doorstep, starts here…

HantsAstro is for anyone who has any interest in Astronomy who wishes to use this as a stepping stone into something more active.

With this in mind they have created AstroSouth, a directory of all the active groups that their members (and curious folk) are close to in the South of England. It’s an enthusiastic community that has been growing over decades. More information will be added over time, and gives us a great reason to get in touch with all of you! Since its launch nearly two years ago, this unique Astronomy directory has had over 24,000 downloads from their website, and is being distributed by an ever growing number of astronomical societies across Southern England.

Published quarterly and covering a line from Kings Lynn to Bristol, all the astronomy societies are listed as well as all the astronomical places such as planetariums and museums. Updated quarterly but if they missed you, or the info is not up to date then drop the editor a line, and he’ll update your details or if you think anything should be added.

Update: New updated edition due out after Herstmonceux Astronomy Festival (5-6 Sept 2011).

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